Here in Atlanta, there is no shortage of Toyota/Lexus shops capable of great work.  Over the years, we’ve noticed very little correlation between a shop’s ability to do great work and the overall work product of the shop.  Having the ability is only part of the equation.  Each technician has to want to do great work.  For this, they have to love what they do.  In addition to being passionate about our work, we’re also pretty passionate about the brand we work on – believing that Toyota and Lexus make the most rugged, dependable vehicles on the planet.  And while we don’t expect every customer to share this level of passion for their Toyota or Lexus, we have found our customers to be a bit more discerning in how their vehicle is treated – whether it’s here for an oil change or a frame-off restoration.

There is no comparison. The best Toyota truck / Land Cruiser shop in the southeast.
— Rick Carswell