M.U.L.L.E.T. (GX470)


M.U.L.L.E.T. (GX470)

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3rd Brake Light:
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M.U.L.L.E.T. - Multi-Use Lightweight Low-profile Extruded Tube

The MULLET is the product of Dugan’s mind and someone leaving the keys to the CNC machine and TIG welder laying around.

The MULLET replaces the GX470 rear wing and 3rd brake light to provide a sturdy, low-profile mounting point for lights, and serve as a grab bar when standing on the bumper.

In the box:

  • 1 MULLET - bar and brackets

  • 1 Flex-wire loom

  • Mounting hardware: RIVNUTS, metric SS nuts, bolts, washers

  • Adhesive foam

Additional Options:

  • Tools: RIVNUT tool, step drill bit

  • 2 Mounting brackets – for one light bar or two pods

  • 1 OEM 3rd brake light

  • 1 11" 50W single row LED light bar spot/flood

The MULLET is pre-drilled for up to five lights and is powder coated satin black.

Designed, cut, welded, powder coated in Fulton, Co. Georgia.

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